Adult Acne: How to Control it and Get Rid of The Scars


Many people suffer from ongoing acne breakouts long after puberty, particularly women. So, exactly what can you do about adult acne and how do you get rid of the scars left behind?


The Battle with Adult Acne
Teenage acne is bad enough and you would think at some point it would go away until it doesn’t. This is known all too well as adult acne and there is a battle going on from day to day to overcome it. I have personally dealt with both teenage and adult acne throughout the years. I have also, since learned more about how my own skin works and what causes me to break out. Different people break out for varied reasons such as, infection, bad hygiene, medication, food allergies, bad diet and hormonal imbalances. My personal battle with adult acne was due to bad diet and hormonal imbalance. I also learned of other reasons for my breakouts such as my skin care routine or the lack thereof. For some, simply using a soap and rag everyday isn’t enough. Here are a few things I learned how to do that helped me get my adult acne under control and even get rid of the acne scars that were left behind from years of breakouts.

The Process of Elimination
First, I had to rid my diet of acne causing food like sugar and processed foods. I must admit I was a junk food junkie and the snack cakes, cookies and pies were a big contributor to the acne breakouts. Since then, I have also doubled my water intake by drinking at least 4-6 bottles of spring water daily. Drinking water helps to flush toxins from your system that may be contributing to breakouts. Not to mention drinking plenty of water daily hydrates the skin as well.

Nutritional Supplements
I included a quality superfood nutritional supplement along with probiotics, in addition to a healthier diet which helped reduce my acne breakouts through detoxification. It also has added extra added benefits such as, increased energy, a boost in my immune system and a healthier appearing complexion overall.

Using Products That Help Reduce Acne
In combination with diet, water and nutrition I found that using  topical treatments to my skin has helped dramatically.

  • Facial scrub– Exfoliating regularly with a facial scrub keeps my pores from getting clogged by getting rid of dead skin.

Easy Facial Scrub Recipe:

Mix 1/4 cup of sugar with enough olive oil to make a spreadable paste.

Directions: Wet your face and gently rub the sugar scrub in a circular motion until the entire face has been scrubbed. Clean your face off with a wet towel as hot as you can stand it without burning your skin. Blot with a dry towel and remove an excess oil that is left on the skin. Repeat this process once or twice a week.



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