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If You Eat This, It Can Cause You to Gain Weight Even Faster

If you think you are doing yourself a favor by cutting sugar from your diet and replacing it with artificial sweeteners, think again.


Do You Eat Artificial Sweetener?

We know that if we eat less sugar, this will help contribute to a more successful weight loss journey. The problem is, when cutting sugar from our diets, some people take another route of sweetening their food by using artificial sweeteners like Splenda or Sweet -n- Low. Although replacing sugar with a substitute would seem like a good alternative, scientific studies co-led by the University of Sydney suggests otherwise.

A study was conducted on both humans and animals suggesting that after consumption of an artificial sweetener it can make you hungry. When you eat the artificial sweetener, the brain tells the body you haven’t eaten enough energy then, stimulates the body to increase its appetite. If you are consuming any type of low calorie or diet products, you have likely been exposed to these artificial sweeteners. Many diet foods contain these substances and are very difficult to avoid when consuming pre-packaged food and drinks. It is always a good idea to avoid these types of foods anyway when you are transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. A better alternative to using processed sugar and artificial sweeteners would be; honey, date sugar, coconut sugar, maple syrup and fruit juice concentrate. These products are way better choices to using bleached sugar, high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. Although natural sugars are better, they should still be used in moderation. Remember, it is still sugar and in-taking them in improper amounts can cause weight gain.

A great way to avoid sugar is to eat more savory meals that consist of organic meat, poultry and seafood which will help you to stay full longer. Also, eating savory snacks that have good fats consumed through organic nuts, seed and foods like avocado can assist in the weight loss process. You can find snack ideas in this article from the youbeauty blog.

We All Get That Sweet Tooth Craving Every Now and Then

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