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Food Cravings: How to Avoid Crashing Your Diet

So, it’s after 5 O’clock and I haven’t figured out what to prepare for dinner yet. I am about to starve right about now (not literally) and I don’t want to make the mistake of blowing my diet because I am having food cravings. You all know how it is sometimes…. That donut starts to look really appealing when you are hungry and you begin to have intense food cravings you’d normally be able to resist. But, now you’re in jeopardy of messing up the whole day’s worth of effort if you don’t do something about it quickly. #weightlossstruggles

Note to Self: You’ve made it this far through the day don’t give in now!

Be strong….

Think before you eat….

You are what you eat and I don’t want to be shaped like a donut……. (sigh)
donut food cravings

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Do this to eliminate bad food cravings and avoid crashing your diet:

Eat some protein! Prepare a quick and easy to make protein shake or cook up something that is fast to make to stop those crazy food cravings right away. If you plan on being out and about, take something with you. For example; celery sticks and humus, boiled eggs and pre-cooked bacon or fruit salad. Foods like these pack easily in small portable food containers.

Ok, I decided to eat a quick small meal to get by on for the next hour before I started cooking because my food cravings are real right now. I had 2 pieces of bacon and 2 eggs. It made me satisfied until I could fix the food for dinner.

Bacon and Eggs


I decided to go light today, not because I wanted to eat light but, I just didn’t feel like cooking a large meal. My meal for tonight is baked chicken wings and a spinach smoothie with banana and a really tasty vanilla shake plant based protein powder.
Creamy Vanilla Shake

Spinach smoothie for two people:

4 cups of spinach leaves

8 ice cubes

1 banana

2 cups milk or almond milk

2 scoops Creamy Vanilla plant based protein powder  (So, yummy!)


It’s easier for me to just blend up my veggies into a delicious shake.  To be honest, half of the time I don’t like to eat vegetables and I know my body desperately needs it. (Don’t judge me.)


Baked wings

Uncooked Wings

I soaked my wings in a saltwater brine for about 45 minutes before I cooked them. I rinsed the salty water off and lightly seasoned them to taste with Tony Chachere’s seasoning salt and black pepper. Then, I took the same pan with the oil left from the bacon and baked my wings in them to get that extra flavor. Once the wings were fully cooked through, I cut the broiler on to get that extra crispiness to the texture of the chicken.


These are my results.

Baked Chicken Wings


Try Creamy Vanilla Shake

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