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Reverse The Signs of Aging With These Simple Steps

Reverse The Signs of Aging

Aging is something that simply cannot be avoided however, certain steps can be taken to slow down the process. Is there a way to erase the signs of aging without turning to Botox? Creams and cosmetic procedures are all there to help us fight off these natural effects, but is there is a more natural holistic approach that has proven results?

Here are the first basic steps to begin reversing the aging process

Take Care of Your Neck & Hands

When we use treatments designed to fight aging, we often pay attention to our face. Leaving our hands, neck and decolletage neglected. The skin on these areas tend to be thinner than other areas of the body, which means that they age faster. In fact, the decolletage is one of the first places to reveal the signs of aging. Moisturizing is highly important and should be implemented twice daily. Using moisturizers containing peptides will encourage collagen production.

Limit Sweets

Sugar is one of the most addictive substances on this Earth. It’s also one of the biggest culprits behind aging. Acne, forehead wrinkles and dull complexions are often caused by too much sugar intake. Ditch artificial sweeteners and processed sugars. Try your best to stick with natural sweeteners such as honey. Instead of eating cookies and cake, trying eating sweet berries and fruit. Pears and blueberries are high in age-fighting antioxidants, plus they can satisfy your sweet tooth.

Decrease Stress

Stress is linked to a number of health problems such as adrenal fatigue, weight gain, and heart disease. Stress can also cause premature aging and chronic fatigue, which will leave you feeling older than your years. To reverse stress-related aging, its best to try and manage your stress in healthy ways. Proper dieting and exercise are highly recommended methods of destressing, such are yoga and meditation. If your life is unusually stressful, try seeking support from others with similar lifestyles.

After reading this, you are equipped with the basic tools needed to reverse some of the common signs of aging. However, there is more to appearing younger than taking care of your skin.  Learn five important things you should be doing to look up to 10 years younger.  Read more…


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